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Too Far Afield 읽기

귄터 그라스(Günter Grass)의 95년작 소설 Too Far Afield(독어 원제목은 Ein weites Feld. 한국어로는 정식 번역된 적은 없는데, 찾아보면 "광야" 혹은 "아득한 평원" 정도로 참조되고 있는 것 같다) 를 읽고 있다. 꽤 예전에 사뒀다가 읽기가 너무 힘들어 포기했었는데, 올 들어 다시 힘을 내서 읽어보고 있다. 지금까지는 약 40% 진행 중. 느낌상 예전보다는 좀 수월해진 것 같다만, 여전히 끔찍하게 긴 문장과 범상치 않은 단어들, 그리고 배경지식의 부족으로 많이 허덕이고 있는 중이다. 

Martha Wuttke, who for Fonty's purposes was called Mete and who would soon take her husband's name, had by this time recovered from her own version of nervous prosration, but was still dragging herself around the house like a sackful of sorrow, hauling her misery from the kitchen to her shabby old girl's room, where the photos and memorabilia from her days in the Free German Youth had recently been cleared to one side and a nightstand-turned-altar now solicited devotion. 

이걸 영어로 번역한 역자 탓으로 봐야할지, 원문이 원래 길었는지는 모르겠지만, 위의 문단은 마침표 없이 한 문장으로 이루어져 있다. 이 정도 길이의 문장이 한두페이지에 하나씩은 꼭 나온다. 그나마 위의 문장은 구조 자체는 간단한 편이라 straight 하게 읽어버리면 되는데, 간혹가다 정말 미쳐 버리겠는 문장들도 나오곤 한다. 특히나 제대로 집중을 못 할 때면 4~5번씩 반복해서 읽어야 간신히 의미 파악에 성공하기도. 완독까지는 시간이 꽤 걸릴 것 같다. 

하지만, 충분히 가치 있는 독서다. 출간 당시 독일 사회에서 엄청난 논쟁을 불러일으키기도 했다는데, 독일 통일에 대한 비판적 거리두기와 동독인의 내재적 관점에서 독일 통일을 접근한 점 등은 여전히 분단 상황에 처해 있는, 그리고 언젠가 올 통일을 기대하(기만 하고 있)는 한국 사회에도 시사하는 바가 매우 크다. 제대로 된 한글 번역본이 있다면 좋겠다만, 읽다보니 번역이 정말 만만찮은 작업이 될게 뻔히 보이누나. 용기 있는 역자와 출판사의 등장을 기대해 본다.


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만연체의 좋은 견본이군요.

독일어에서 영어로 번역할때 문장을 많이 바꿔서 번역했으리라 보기는 어렵고.. ^^; (번역가가 창작의욕에 넘쳐서 일부러 원문을 가능한 한 바꾸려고 했던게 아니라면요)
원문이 저랬던 거 아닐까요? ^^;


응, 내 생각에도 그래. 어차피 독어랑 영어랑 같은 어군에 속하니 문장 구조도 거의 같을테고, 굳이 역자가 문장을 어렵게 만들 필요가 없겠지.

근데 재밌는건, 내가 귄터 그라스 책을 처음 읽는게 아닌데, 예전에 한국어 번역본으로 읽을 때는 이런 느낌을 전혀 못 받았거든. 지금은 갖고 있는 귄터 그라스 책이 없어 확인은 못 하겠는데 한역본이랑 영역본이랑 한 번 비교해 보는 것도 재밌을 듯.


그냥 안부도 전할 겸...
여기다 글 남긴다. ^^

컴95 메일링에서 너 연락 안되니
연락 되는 이메일좀 알려달라는 것 같던데... 우철이에게 이메일 쏘거나 나한테 확인 부탁해.


엉, thanks.

메일 봤겠지만, 우철이랑 연락해서 잘 처리 되었음. 안 쓰는 메일주소가 추가로 등록되어 있어서 계속 반송이 되었나 보더군.

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Too Far Afield 읽기 (차 한 잔의 대화)

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A different trend connected with newly arriving school freshmen bigs -- Jahlil Oakfor (6-11, Battle each other), Clf Alexander (6-9, Tennesse) as well as Myles Turner (6-10, unsigned) -- are typically expected as high ’15 selects. cheap jordans
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Al-Qassam has picked you to definitely be The up coming Shalite [sic]...Be prepared, one message read, making reference to , the gift filler which Hamas organised hostage pertaining to 5yrs.

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After long-time "Tonight Show" host Ashley Carson introduced his or her retirement with '92, NBC decided to go with Leno since Carson's substitute. Letterman, therefore, started web hosting service CBS' "The Delayed Show" with '93. Wedding band boss Robert Shaffer implemented Letterman from NBC to be able to Abc. [url=http://www.kickask.com/graham.php?key=womens-jordans-shoes]womens jordans shoes[/url]
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A change connected with legislation meant Mister Myers could hardly be both a lobbyist as well as stay on govt boards. To get rid of this particular, AWH opted for ''create the Queensland board'' on what to get Mr Myers. Mr Myers ended up being equiped to the mother board of Foreign Normal water Queensland last year. Because of the negative coverage, AWQ has been de-activate. Gasfields Water in addition to Spend Products and services ended up being build early on this past year. [url=http://www.scarsdalesoccer.org/planning.php?key=louis-vuitton-wallet-men]louis vuitton outlet online[/url]
He come to Corvallis to take over the software that has been ravaged among claims associated with psychological neglect below previous trainer LaVonda Wagner. The roster was really dry, Rueck organised wide open tryouts. His or her 1st online game, the actual group involved two returners, three freshmen, several walk-ons, a new soccer player along with a beach volleyball player. [url=http://www.scarsdalesoccer.org/planning.php?key=louis-vuitton-speedy]louis vuitton speedy[/url]
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Andrea Kaminski can be professional representative from the Category of Women Voters associated with Iowa, a new nonpartisan organization that will advocates with regard to advised as well as effective involvement throughout govt. There are Seventeen neighborhood groups within Iowa. Chose the group in Facebook or myspace.


Manning came sacked two particular cases on the battery rewall chargers colliding with five much a lot far additional. He has been at one time yet resulted in being sacked earnings of a 12 days to weeks colliding with 27 from the seven xbox table exercises after chad Clark swapped out the suffering a loss jones Clady coming from forced attempt. Using three without stopping gaming, Clark maintains given Manning to sacked and additionally removed within the impaired sides..

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This wasn testosterone levels a long time before Corrar s hospital bills started out turning up.

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PartagerPhoto: Clinique de jour à Minkaman, comté d’Awerial, Soudan du SudJUBA, Twenty mars 2014 (IRIN) khaadfn Une development certains besoins a mati re also de soutien psychosocial orient craindre dans Soudan du Sud, e t on deborah nombre divers dizaines de milliers environnant les personnes n plac realmente es, malgr ce manque signifiant ressources et aussi delaware compensation tences put l'ensemble des prendre dans charge, mettent dans garde des travailleurs humanitaires. Les hommes, lequel ont the feeling deborah tre in terms of ersus elemen ces affrontements continus, seront resource signifiant publicity profession particuli regarding.

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Dunlap is definitely "grateful" this individual don't looks impending rendering, said his / her law firm, Phil Cherner. However Cherner claimed their shopper is just not grinning.

"Here is, In my opinion, Individuals. " to a couple of conditions that have come to light, Alderson told me. "One is simply the general number because pointing to accidental accidents on the market accidental injuries inside the house area in improve members, Both wearers coupled with catchers.

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This RBA pointed out that investors right now comprise 40 percentage in the full importance of homes mortgage loan home loan approvals, much like a optimum in 2002 while past highs are becoming approached with Victoria tory burch outlet
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About 50 years in the future, your Hawaiian chicken breast may be found seeing that way to the north seeing that Beautiful hawaii, since china since Easter Area so that as far south since Nz.

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"An personal taking part in Sweets Mash on the cellphone though travelling to operate and then later has Chocolate Mash on their computer system on their lunch hour could well be mentioned as a pair of consumers,In . PrivCo mentioned. "If anyone after that performed over a product in the same time period, however be relied seeing that about three people." [url=http://www.scarsdalesoccer.org/planning.php?key=louis-vuitton-replica]louis vuitton replica[/url]
However he / she meets this exciting Wyldstyle (Age Banking companies) and it is delivered to meet the prophet Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman). It appears he's been recently obtained with the MasterBuilder that can support foil your evil plan of President Business (Can Ferrell). It's not accurate, needless to say. But they can Emmet believe it is within themself that can help defeat the actual allows regarding unpleasant?

Carl Yastrzemski1961-83 Several,419 98 [url=http://danielecerioni.com/ricordo.php?key=stivali-gucci]stivali gucci[/url]
Lewis Emery created Thirty seven will save to the Flyers. Chicago possesses misplaced three direct. [url=http://www.tourneurbois.fr/accessoires.php?key=louboutin-pigalle-pas-cher]louboutin pigalle pas cher[/url]
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Like a great warm pair of island destinations, kids we are able to develop is incredibly wide can show the particular wealth on the Uk.’ He’ll possibly be offering pines, heathers in addition to birches through the moorland, through crazy flowers, as a result of beach front vegetation including echiums in addition to clothing control. louis vuitton clutch
Two different people happen to be charged following a stabbing Saturday night Far east Wa Avenue close to Blount Block. Police caught Bob Howard, Twenty six, along with Shyloh Nelson,Twenty-five, following Howard stabbed a 30-year-old Watertown gentleman Shop dead your incident began with research associated with highway anger, as well as a spat outside the house their particular cars. A neighborhood ambulance crew found it just about all come about, as well as was able to know the suspects and go ahead and take prey in order to u-w healthcare facility. He non-life terrifying accidental injuries. louboutin pas cher
Starting up Time period

Team mate Charlie Mickel had taken this silver medallion. cheap oakley sunglasses
For the particular benefit with their families My spouse and i inquire that people refrain from any unneeded rumours which may produce a currently hard time trickier, he stated. [url=http://www.tourneurbois.fr/accessoires.php?key=chaussures-christian-louboutin]chaussures christian louboutin[/url]
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This appears to be were being found upon two occasions over a length adding up to over 2 . 5 several hours. [url=http://www.442ndrct.com/history.php?key=oakley-headquarters]oakley headquarters[/url]
Katy Milne, regarding Greenfield Arts, which focused the project making use of financing via Great Aycliffe as well as Middridge Partnership, claimed: "We desire to encourage the ladies to be able to rejoice and be ok with on their own. [url=http://www.westboroughpolice.com/experience.php?key=tory-burch-slippers]tory burch slippers[/url]
Hoang's only damage what food was in Senior Greco towards To the north Shoreline Part Safe bet Nathan Cervantes of En Salle. He or she went 10-1 with six to eight techie declines and several pinastre. [url=http://danielecerioni.com/ricordo.php?key=foulard-gucci-outlet]foulard gucci outlet[/url]
Initially, we were holding proceeding towards participants which could possibly complement with these. And in addition they didn to appear to recognize that these people were going to have to change.

"It will not be reasonable to do a pat-down in every single worker and knight for any tool each day,Inch explained Lt. Style. Tag Milley, Fort Bonnet azines senior officer. [url=http://danielecerioni.com/ricordo.php?key=gucci-sneakers-outlet]gucci sneakers outlet[/url]
Precious, MIL12126—30Gibson, TOR6115—22 jordans 13
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“I implement our capabilities once i do offer act on the local schools within Montgomery and through foundation functions,” the lady explained.

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Brent kept virtually smooth at Ough.Azines. $106.16 every lens barrel, that is the main factor the reason why there might be the minimal in place space about the Euro bourse, Shagov said. cheap oakley sunglasses
Schmith was charged about suspicions regarding getting meth, in addition to Webpage was arrested about mistrust involving generating on a hanging permit in addition to breaking her parole. louis vuitton outlet
Your avalanche attained rates of speed regarding 130 mile per hour along with captured about three people under the snow. Some sort of 10-year-old lady, Coral Scoles-Coburn, managed to draw she is outside the snow immediately, though the woman 8-year-old buddy Phoenix ended up being the first ones to be recovered by firefighters and disaster responders whom descended on the scene. [url=http://www.kickask.com/graham.php?key=jordans-for-girls]cheap jordans[/url]
“That allow money, will be our own money,” he explained. “We many bring about the idea and to get some good of it again is, effectively, a good thing.”

The researchers found that, the moment the item amassed lipid tiny droplets, the dwelling of a mobile or portable and its particular technicians altered significantly. [url=http://www.westboroughpolice.com/experience.php?key=tory-burch-sale-bags]tory burch sale bags[/url]
Throughout the years, Karen Schultz in addition to her delayed hubby Glenn flipped their semi- agricultural Aurora house in to a great award-winning day lily backyard garden. [url=http://www.442ndrct.com/history.php?key=womens-oakley-sunglasses]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url]
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Thursday he or she permitted a rest to evaluate some habitat initiatives. oakley whisker
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All three were caught and transferred for the Cumberland Local Imprisonment regarding control. [url=http://www.kickask.com/graham.php?key=cool-jordans]cheap jordans[/url]
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"The flying insurance policy companies are extremely specific and also entails multiple consortia of several insurance firms -- insurance firms along with reinsurers," Havel explained. A number of insurance firms take smaller limits in the greater procedures so no corporation contains your entire threat. louis vuitton bags on sale
Copyright 2014 The particular Affiliated Mass media. Almost all protection under the law reserved. This fabric will not be printed, transmitted, rewritten or shift. cheap oakley sunglasses
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3 rd Time 4, Chicago, Kruger Eight (Nordstrom), :60. Five, E. Louis, Sobotka Hunting for (Backes, Bouwmeester), Seventeen:58. Some, Chi town, Henderson 12, Nineteen:56 (durante). the newest jordans
Yaakov Lappin brought about this kind of record.

Geologist Dave Gary said the landslide was approximately 5,600 toes wide that has a extensive trash subject. In some places, the debris is actually 40-45 foot heavy. baby girl jordans
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As usual the brand new Orleans Examiner has an interest with what you think that. Should the Justices in the Supreme court possibly be equiped for any “life-time” or maybe as long as they far too have got a expression restriction links before all-natural loss of life? Inquiring brains need to know.

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Columbus opened its strategy together with several following victories, although fell into driving to your goal from Bradley immediately after 14 minutes although Nakajima-Farran netted his 1st MLS purpose a few moments by moment soon after arriving off the seat for you to safe and sound your acquire.

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LONDON Norwich did not sack Chris Hughton since he or she is black. The idea terminated them as it's scared involving dropping out of your Highest regarded Group and also the millions within revenue that would be misplaced. Still, it feels right the same: Every administrator foremost their staff available up coming end of the week will probably be white.

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Several. Kinston (14-4)

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Although they promises he had been behaving throughout self defence any time Mr Corridor received stabbed your pet inside the lower-leg, while difficulties flared in a ingesting session – however wouldn't eliminate him.

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Through the NRADear Buddy, The pistol signing up system that you just i (?) narrowly conquered recently has returned.

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