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우산(feat. 윤하) - 에픽하이

어느새 빗물이 내 발목에 고이고.
참았던 눈물이 내 눈가에 고이고. I cry.

텅 빈 방엔 시계소리 지붕과 입 맞추는 비의 소리.
오랜만에 입은 코트 주머니 속에 반지.
손 틈새 스며드는 memory.
며칠 만에 나서보는 밤의 서울.
고인 빗물은 작은 거울.
그 속에 난 비틀거리며 아프니까,
그대 없이 난 한쪽 다리가 짧은 의자.

둘이서 쓰긴 작았던 우산. 차가운 세상에 섬 같았던 우산.
이젠 너무 크고 어색해. 그대 곁에 늘 젖어있던 왼쪽 어깨.
(뭐해) 기억의 무게에 고개 숙여보니
버려진 듯 풀어진 내 신발끈.
내 곁엔 오직 비와 바람.
없다, 잠시라도 우산을 들어줄 사람 and I cry.

어느새 빗물이 내 발목에 고이고.
참았던 눈물이 내 눈가에 고이고. I cry.

그대는 내 머리위에 우산.
어깨위에 차가운 비 내리는 밤.
내 곁에 그대가 습관이 돼버린 난.
나 그대 없이는 안돼요. alone in the rain

Alone in the rain rain rain
Nothing more pain pain pain
Girl, I just want you do know

Alone in the rain rain rain
Nothing more pain pain pain
And I just can let you go

[Mithra Jin]
하늘의 눈물이 고인 땅, 별을 감춘 구름에 보인 달.
골목길 홀로 외로운 구두 소리
메아리에 돌아보며 가슴 졸인 맘.
나를 꼭 닮은 그림자. 서로가 서로를 볼 수 없었던 우리가
이제야 둘인가? 대답을 그리다,
머리 속 그림과 대답을 흐린다.

내 눈엔 너무 컸던 우산. 날 울린 세상을 향해 접던 우산.
영원의 약속에 활짝 폈던 우산.
이제는 찢겨진 우산 아래 두 맘.
돌아봐도 이젠 없겠죠. 두 손은 주머니 속 깊게 넣겠죠.
이리저리 자유롭게 걸어도 두 볼은 가랑비도 쉽게 젖겠죠

어느새 빗물이 내 발목에 고이고.
참았던 눈물이 내 눈가에 고이고. I cry.

그대는 내 머리위에 우산. 어깨위에 차가운 비 내리는 밤.
내 곁에 그대가 습관이 돼버린 난.
나 그대 없이는 안돼요. alone in the rain

[Mithra & Tablo]
난 열어놨어 내 맘의 문을. 그댄 내 머리 위에 우산.
그대의 그림자는 나의 그늘. 그댄 내 머리 위에 우산.

난 열어놨어 내 맘의 문을. 그댄 내 머리 위에 우산.
그대의 그림자는 나의 그늘. 그댄 내 머리 위에 우산.

나의 곁에 그대가 없기에
나 창밖에 우산을 들고 기다리던 그대 I cry.

그대는 내 머리위에 우산 어깨위에 차가운 비 내리는 밤
내 곁에 그대가 습관이 돼버린 난
나 그대 없이는 안돼요. I need you back in my life~

그대는 내 머리위에 우산 어깨위에 차가운 비 내리는 밤
내 곁에 그대가 없는 반쪽의 세상 그댄 나 없이는 안돼요.

Forever in the rain.


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우산(feat. 윤하) - 에픽하이 (차 한 잔의 대화)
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우산(feat. 윤하) - 에픽하이 (차 한 잔의 대화)
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우산(feat. 윤하) - 에픽하이 (차 한 잔의 대화)

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The Spain midfielder side-stepped Coloccini just before concluding calmly and also smartly past Elliot.

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Assad herself seemed to be quoted since stating the particular "project connected with political Islam possesses failed" within Syria, in which a lot more than A hundred and fifty,000 folks have been recently killed in the three-year struggle containing grown to be covered with Islamists, starting from moderates in order to radicals.

We attempt to allow for desires with the clubs even so the tv set gas stops are often gonna need to demonstrate the premiers in the event the market is actually top which is at night, the particular spokesman explained. [url=http://www.kickask.com/graham.php?key=jordans-sneakers]cheap jordans shoes[/url]
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Just about all results of this green tea income go to help charitable organizations that really help youth training.

You need to be in a position to build the ruke regarding Kontiji assists and also khost with a firewall. Think about going download data file to different website directory, observe data position with SBB options, you may then watch document along with your mass media participant since the driver's licence is actually for this data definitely not SBB, remen=mber to help delete the initial download, This could function I actually am not able to even have the computer software to be able to down load. Glad I discovered in this article, shalln't also bother with it now. DVDs are usually affordable adequate today and a lot of top quality Delighted someone wrote regarding this. The easiest method to reach Stones should be to survey these to Offcom plus every single reader who also states this should notify Watchdog, plenty of folks complaining about it will eventually allow it to become newsworthy.

While I will generally agree, in such a case is actually relatively trivial. Likewise, Wikipedia features arrive a challenging ways because it seemed to be bashed to get allowing for customers to be able to revise written content, there are various teams connected with moderators that monitor in addition to fix the various errors typical people create if adding/editing a wiki story.

The point that pisses myself regarding last fm is always that My partner and i by no means incurred just one penny when they were being making their very own info basic, I believe our staff members allowd lastfm to be able to monitor our hard drives so it might increase which massive records base and then it started to fee for your services most of us aided to build.

Sherri I am just searching for a method to get photographs off
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spotify is the better i've truly ever applied and we've used nearly all. issue is a possibility available for the U. Nasiums. when you have just about any good friends existing outside the You. S., ask them to make an accounts and offer the info. may be a hassle, nevertheless worthwhile.

In most cases On the web simply going to use it intended for creating blog post however, you will find surely business offs although I'm going be investing in it. Price is probably the most challenging to recognize personally.
. -= Tini | Inzone Internet's last weblog... Precisely why My spouse and i KeywordLuv =-.

but the query now could be... it is possible to approach in order that those that have NO- DETECTOR are going to be be recognized even with their anti software program???? plsss allow recognize MessTracker is often a store provider that allows you to monitor online/offline/invisible standing connected with just about any askjeeve messenger bank account (max. 2accounts, three months period background, ten min check out interval)

Think about among the initial websites.... live365. com been known since the delayed 90s

My partner and i tried it once more currently along with even though it functioned, it was a little while until forever for you to acquire this. (2 minutes)

A superb music internet site, for me, is one that has ANYTHING, and that includes our music. I have inspected each web page, really the only a couple of that happen to be really worth some time are generally 8tracks along with Grooveshark.

You are right
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When i will normally recognize, in such a case they have somewhat simple. Furthermore, Wikipedia possesses appear a challenging ways given it was bashed for enabling customers for you to modify content, there are lots of groups connected with moderators that will keep tabs on in addition to deal the countless blunders standard users produce any time adding/editing any wiki content.

Your Warriors fired assistant Darren Erman about Saturday with regard to "a abuse regarding organization plan," gm Chad Myers stated. He stated of which "this would be the kind of choice that could be manufactured charges along with no matter what location from the group.In [url=http://danielecerioni.com/ricordo.php?key=gucci-occhiali]gucci outlet[/url]
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Lee completed ahead of some sort of renowned list of finalists that will integrated Stanford's Pac-12 swimmer of the season Maya DiRado and Steroids Missy Franklin (Calorie), Breeja Larson (Tx The Michael) and also Brittany MacLean (Atlanta).

Past Auburn talked about Dominic Bozzelli observed his or her three-event gain streak ended after the Weekend Sixty nine quit him in the eighth-place tie up. borse gucci
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That they did a new take on finding that connected with betrayal way too, usually portrayed to be a make out for the oral cavity. [url=http://www.westboroughpolice.com/experience.php?key=tory-burch-leopard-flats]tory burch leopard flats[/url]
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Minerva's mailbag [url=http://www.442ndrct.com/history.php?key=wayfarer-sunglasses-cheap]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url]
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#Toheart: The K-pop child wedding ring collaboration Toheart features a couple of people, Critical connected with group Shinee as well as Woo-hyun involving Boundless. This duo unveiled their particular with Saturday. borse gucci
Stefan Geiger, Exec Ceo from the China-Germany Monetary as well as Societal Connection involving Bavaria: You have to build both memorial days and nights, usually youthful decades may well not bear in mind heritage. Abe's holiday to the actual known Yasukuni Shrine within Tokyo, japan, which in turn raises the bar in Class-A battle bad guys by Ww2, has seriously injure the emotions from the The chinese, as well as Italians exactly who learn about background could not assistance Abe's actions. [url=http://www.442ndrct.com/history.php?key=oakley-glasses]oakley glasses[/url]
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Zoysia Charges president and proprietor Ralph Wilson possesses died, team president/CEO Russ Brandon reported Wednesday at the Nhl get togethers. This individual ended up being 95. shoes jordans
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Asagaya Cartoons Block: 2-40-1 Asagaya-minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.

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"That State of arizona crew we got tonite had been pretty much as good an organization even as we have encountered, that I can keep in mind,In Gonzaga instructor Level Number of mentioned. "It was just excessive for many people today.In

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